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Meeting of Research Committee in Tokyo with invited geotechnical specialists

Meeting of Research Committee in Tokyo
15 Sep 2009
15:00 to 17:30
Engineering Advancement Association of Japan 6F
Total 12
  • Prof. Osamu Kusakabe, Tokyo Institute of Technology (IPA Director)
  • Dr Yoshiaki Kikuchi, Independent Administrative Institution Port and Airport Research Institute
  • Dr Kohei Nagai, The University of Tokyo
  • Dr Kozo Tagaya (IPA Research Committee Chairman)
  • Takehiko Iizuka (IPA Research Committee)
  • Dr Tadahiko Okumura (IPA Secretary General)
    and other 6 members

The 1st meeting of Research Committee in 2009 was held in Tokyo with attendance of three geotechnical specialists. They discussed improvement of “The Map of Research Development” to establish priorities of research theme and drawing up of the research roadmap.

Firstly, Dr Okumura reported the activity plan 2009, plan of 3rd IPA Research Grant Award and next International Workshop to all attendees. Secondly, he proposed to have a few more meetings to select the research themes until the call for 3rd research proposals in March 2010.

In the main discussion, Dr Tagaya explained the current map of research development. From the geotechnical specialist's point of view, Prof. Kusakabe, Dr Kikuchi and Dr Nagai, who attended for the first time, gave various constructive opinions for its improvement and future activities. They said that in order to increase the importance of research results, the IPA itself should receive a high evaluation by awareness activities such as regular lectures and useful membership services. Attendees enthusiastically exchanged ideas.

The proposed ideas will be discussed more deeply and concretely at the next meeting. In this meeting, four new members, who are expert of the press-in machine & method, joined discussions from Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd. that is supporting the IPA Research Grant Award. They will support Research Committee and IPA activities.