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2nd IPA Research Grant Award

Research Presentation

2nd IPA Research Grant Award Research Presentation
14 Oct 2010
Event Name:
3rd IPA International Workshop
Shanghai, People's Republic of China
Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai
IPA Committees and Secretariat
The 2nd IPA Research Grant
Award Winners 5 Groups
3rd IPA International Workshop Program
Research abstract published
in Workshop Program
(Japanese, English, Chinese)

On 14 October 2010, the first day of 3rd IPA International Workshop in Shanghai, China, the one year research results were officially presented by 4 speakers out of 5 awarded research groups. they introduced unique and significant conclusions and exchanged views with attendees. Their preprints were contained in the workshop program and their final papers are going to be published as "PRESS=IN ENGINEERING 2011"(IPA Research Papers Vol.2) in 2011. The press-in engineering will move forward another step further.

2nd IPA Research Grant Award Discussions
Active discussions among participants
Moderator: Dr Goh



Acquisition and analysis of information during U-profile sheet piles press-in to achieve construction target

Prof. Michael Doubrovsky(Odessa National Maritime University / Ukraine)
Research Presentation 1


Reducing driving forces for pressed in piles

Dr Andrew M McNamara (City University / UK)
Research Presentation 2


Numerical Simukation of Press-in Driving Process in Heterogeneous Field by Discrete Model

Dr Kohei Nagai (The University of Tokyo / Japan)
Research Presentation 3


Experimental investigation into the stress and strain development in a open ended tubular pile

Prof. A. F. van Tol (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)
Research Presentation 4