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5th IPA Research Grant Award

  • Current Status: Call for research proposals
  • Updated: 24 Dec 2014

Call for Research Proposals

  • Updated: 10 Apr 2014

The IPA Award Committee calls for the research proposals with respect to researches on the themes described below and investigation activities that summarize new research proposals. The grants will be provided to the selected proposals as the 5th IPA Research Grant Awards. For details please refer to the award description. For the research themes IPA is dealing with, please refer to the 1st to 4th IPA research grant awards, as well as the research and development map.

The recipients of the awards will be invited to the 5th and 6th IPA International Workshops scheduled in December 2014, and December 2016, respectively.

  • 1. Research Themes / Proposal Form A
  • Theme 1-1. Studies on the Visualization of Underground Conditions using Pressed-in Piles
    Study on the verification of underground conditions, e.g., estimation of SPT N-values and qc values from the data obtained during press-in piling (such as thrust force, torque, and rate of penetration)
    Study on the effect of press-in piling on adjacent structures, using data obtained from the press-in machine
    Study on the effect of the changes in ground deformation and pore pressure around pressed-in piles on the efficiency in press-in piling
    Study on the construction management of pressed-in piles
  • Theme 1-2. Studies on Press-in Piling Technology
    Study on the effect of regional soils’ characteristics on the press-in piling
    Study on the effect of auxiliary methods in press-in piling such as friction cutting, augering, and water jetting
    Study on the reduction method of peripheral friction of rotary cut pressed-in pile in dense sand
    Study on the effect of press-in piling on surrounding ground, compared with that of other piling methods such as hammering and vibration piling
  • Theme 1-3. Studies on the Behaviours of a Single Pressed-in Pile and Walls Comprised of a Series of Pressed-in Piles, and Studies that are Relevant to Disaster Prevention/Mitigation
    Study on the effect of time-dependent characteristics of ground on the peripheral friction and bearing capacity of pressed-in piles in comparison with those of other conventionally driven piles
    Comparison of predicted behaviour of piles and wall structures by means of conventional design with the results of in- situ measurements, laboratory experiments and numerical analyses
    Study on the effect of material rigidity on the behaviour of cantilever steel sheet pile wall
    Study on the resilience of aseismic and/or tsunami resistant steel structures against external force in excess of design load
    Study on the earthquake resistance of circular steel structures for underground bicycle and car parking
  • Theme 1-4. Free Theme

    Proposal of a new research theme that is useful to further promote press-in technology (research proposal relevant to the proposed theme)

  • 2. Proposal based upon Survey (Collection of Information) / Proposal Form B
  • Sorting out potential obstacles and overcoming measures in order to further promote press-in technology in the applicant’s country/region (Freely described together with the availability of construction guidelines and/or press-in machines)

Award Description

Award Title:
5th IPA Research Grant Award
Encouraging and sponsoring researches with novelty and inventiveness to advance the press-in technology
IPA Award Committee
Grant Amount:
Up to US$10,000 per award for ca 5 research proposals
Grant Period:
One year research activity from 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016
Both IPA and non-IPA members are accepted for application. However, the non-member applicants will be obliged to become the IPA members when the grants are awarded.
Fill in the Proposal Form A or B and email it to the IPA Secretariat by 30 June 2014
Official language for all communication and reports is English. In addition Japanese applicants may be required to submit abstracts in Japanese.
Submission period:
10 April – 30 July 2014
Announcement of Results:
Successful applicants will be notified on 14 September 2014
Evaluation Criteria:
Submitted proposals will be evaluated and rated according to the following criteria
1. Contribution to science and technology
Rated in 4 ranks
2. Possibility of completion during grant period
Rated in 4 ranks
3. Practicality and applicability
Rated in 5 ranks
4. Contribution to fostering young researchers and student education
Rated in 3 ranks
5. Contribution to improvement in quality, sustainability, safety, environmental impact and economic efficiency.
Rated in 5 ranks
6. Contribution to promotion of press-in technology and to specific countries/regions, investment efficiency etc.
Rated in 3 ranks
* No specific evaluation criteria are used for the Proposal based on Survey.
* The Selection Committee may request further information from the Principal investigator following receipt of the proposals.
Selection committee:
Masaaki Terashi
IPA Board Member (Technical Advisor, Giken Ltd.)
Akio Kitamura
IPA Honorary Chairman (President, Giken Ltd.)
Malcolm Bolton
IPA Chairman (Professor, University of Cambridge)
David White
IPA Director (Professor, University of Western Australia)
Shinnosuke Moribe
IPA Board Member (Managing Director, Giken Ltd.)
Hiroaki Tanouchi
IPA Board Member (Manager, Giken Ltd.)
Tadahiko Okumura
IPA Secretary General
(Head Manager, Engineering Advancement Association of Japan)
Toyokazu Ogawa
IPA Research Director (Advisor, Giken Ltd.)