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2nd IPA International Workshop and General Assembly

  • Current Status: Successfully ended
  • Updated: 15 Dec 2008


  • Updated: 14 Nov 2008

The 1st Day: Thursday, 11 December 2008

Opening – Presentation of Press-in TechnologyModerator: Dr Okumura
8:30Opening remarksProf. Hajime Okamura (Honorary Member)
8:35Welcome addressMr Leo A. Hubert, Jr. (Director)
8:40The latest press-in technologyPresident Akio Kitamura (Honorary President)
General AssemblyModerator: Prof. Bolton
9:00General Assembly and the Board of DirectorsProf. Malcolm Bolton (Chairman)
9:30Coffee break (15 min) 
Presentation of Press-in EngineeringModerator: Prof. Bolton
9:45The latest press-in engineering research / Part 1Prof. Malcolm Bolton (Chairman)
10:30The latest press-in engineering research / Part 2Dr Kozo Tagaya (Vice Chairman)
The 1st IPA Research Grant Award / Research PresentationModerator: Dr Goh
 (20 minutes each for 9 groups, 15 minutes question time after 3 groups’ presentation)
11:001. Prof. Robert D. HoltzUniversity of Washington, USA
 2. Prof. Adrian F. L. HydeUniversity of Sheffield, UK
 3. Prof. Osamu KusakabeTokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
13:154. Prof. Barry M. LehaneUniversity of Western Australia, Australia
 5. Prof. Koichi MaekawaUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
 6. Dr Andrew McNamaraCity University, UK
14:307. Prof. Kenichi SogaUniversity of Cambridge, UK
 8. Prof. A. F. van TolDelft University of Technology, The Netherlands
 9. Associate. Prof. Limin ZhangHong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
15:45Coffee break (15 min) 
Special Presentation / Part 1Moderator: Dr Okumura
16:00"Storm Damage Risk Reduction System Update"Mr Dean Arnold / US Army Corps of Engineers
16:45"Utilization of Pile Penetration Test Data for Ground Information"
 Mr Yukihiro Ishihara / Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
 "Soil Plug Behavior of Open-ended Tubular Pile during Press-in"
 Ms Nanase Ogawa / Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
17:45"Plugging of Jacked-in Tubular Piles"Mr Paul Shepley / University of Cambridge
18:30Official banquetAntoine's Restaurant

2nd Day: Friday, 12 December 2008

Special Presentation / Part 2Moderator: Dr Okumura
8:30"SELA (Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control) Program"Mr Stanley Green / US Army Corps of Engineers
2nd IPA Research Grant Award / Award CeremonyModerator: Dr Okumura
9:00Explanation of 2nd Research Grant Award schemeDr Kozo Tagaya (Vice Chairman)
9:152nd IPA Research Grant Award ceremonyPresident Akio Kitamura (Honorary President)
2nd IPA Research Grant Award / Presentation of Awarded ProposalsModerator: Dr Goh
 (15 minutes each for 5 groups, 10 minutes question time after 5 presentations)
9:301. Prof. Michael DoubrovskyOdessa National Maritime University, Ukraine
 2. Dr Andrew McNamaraCity University, UK
 3. Dr Kohei NagaiUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
 4. Prof. A. F. van TolDelft University of Technology, The Netherlands
 5. Associate. Prof. Albert T. YeungUniversity of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Special Presentation / Part 3Moderator: Dr Okumura
11:35"The Latest Press-in Technology and Projects in USA"Mr Michael Carter / Giken America Corporation
Site TourModerator: IPA Secretariat
13:00Tour to press-in construction sitesSite Guide: Giken America Corporation