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2nd IPA International Workshop and General Assembly

  • Current Status: Successfully ended
  • Updated: 15 Dec 2008

Event Report Part 1

  • Updated: 5 Mar 2009
11-12 December 2008
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Hilton New Orleans Riverside
IPA Committees and Secretariat
46 from 7 countries
Room "Compass"
Hilton New Orleans

On 11 and 12 December, 2nd IPA International Workshop took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Total 46 attendees from 7 countries discussed together logically, deepened exchanges friendly and enjoyed the unique programme profoundly including Extraordinary General Assembly, the Board of Directors, ceremony and presentation of the Research Grant Awards, special presentations and tour to a press-in construction site.

Following an increase of members to 460 since 2007, new approaches were taken such as receiving support by corporate members and group tour arrangement for Japanese individual members. Besides, for a reason of the city of Hurricane Katrina disaster, special presentations were made by US Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans. And some of presentations were performed by 5 young researchers. They were significant enough for attendees to recognize globalization of the Press-in Engineering. 3rd IPA International Workshop will take place October 2010.

Extraordinary General Assembly and the Board of Directors

Opening Remarks by
Prof. Hajime Okamura
(Honorary Member)
Welcome Address by
Mr Skip Hubert
Introduction of Technology by
President Akio Kitamura
(Honorary President)
Moderator of Opening
Dr Tadahiko Okumura
(Secretary General)
Extraordinary General Assembly
Mississippi River in snow
outside the venue on that day

Presentation of Press-in Engineering

Prof. Malcolm Bolton (Chairman)
Press-in Engineering Research 2008
Emeritus Prof. Kozo Tagaya (Vice Chairman)
Research Activity on Press-in Technique in Japan
Mr Yukihiro Ishihara (Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)
Utilization of Pile Penetration Test Data
for Ground Information
Ms Nanase Ogawa
(Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)
Soil Plug Behavior of
Open-Ended Tubular Pile
During Press-in
Mr Paul Shepley
(University of Cambridge)
Plugging of Jacked-in
Tubular Piles

Special Presentation

Mr Dean Arnold
(US Army Corps of Engineers)
Storm Damage Risk Reduction
System Update
Mr Stanley Green
(US Army Corps of Engineers)
SELA Program
Mr Michael Carter
(Giken America Corporation)
The Latest Press-in Technology
and Projects in USA

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