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2nd IPA International Workshop and General Assembly

  • Current Status: Successfully ended
  • Updated: 15 Dec 2008

Event Report Part 2

  • Updated: 6 Mar 2009

Tour to Press-in Construction Site, 12 Dec 2008

Vibratory Piling Work
Harvey Canal Floodwall Construction
US Army Corps of Engineers
Cajun Constructors
Silent Piler ECO900
Sheet Pile:
Z Profile PZ27, L=42ft (12.8m)
N=1200pairs (press-in and extraction)
October 2008 - End of 2009
Press-in Work in Progress by Silent Piler

On August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the southern areas of the United States. Estimated damages are about US$ 96 billion loss and 2500 fatalities including missing. New Orleans was the most severely suffered and 80% area was flooded by failure of the flood protection system. The city is still under recovery.

The Press-in Method has been contributing to emergency restoration works in New Orleans. Thus the IPA planned a tour to visit the Harvey Canal Floodwall construction site to give members clear views of social contribution and actual operations of the press-in technology. This is a unique approach of the IPA to integrate academic theories and practical observations. In addition to the press-in site, there was an opportunity to visit a conventional piling site to effectively recognize the advantages of the press-in piling.

All Attendees in One Frame by the Mississippi River, 12 Dec 2008

On the Deck Walk of Hilton New Orleans Riverside
The Crescent City Connection
(The Greater New Orleans Bridge)
John James
Audubon Riverboat

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