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3rd IPA International Workshop

  • Current Status: Successfully ended
  • Updated: 18 Oct 2010


  • Updated: 17 Sep 2010

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

  • at Dragon 32nd Floor

The 1st Day: Thursday, 14 October 2010

  • at Grand Ball Room 2nd Floor
OpeningModerator: Dr Okumura
8:30Opening remarksDr Hajime Okamura (Honorary Member)
8:40Welcome addressProf. Fang-Le Peng / Tongji University
8:50Welcome addressProf. Charles Wang Wai Ng / The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
9:00Opening messageMr Akio Kitamura (Honorary President)
Special Presentation / Part 1Moderator: Prof. Bolton
9:45"Opportunities for research and application"Prof. Malcolm Bolton / University of Cambridge
10:15Coffee break (15min) 
Presentation of Press-in EngineeringModerator: Prof. Bolton
10:30"Current Status and Future Prospects for Press-in Technology in China"Prof. Fang-Le Peng / Tongji University
11:00"Mechanism of Inner Friction of an Open Ended Pile"Dr Yoshiaki Kikuchi / Port and Airport Research Institute
2nd IPA Research Grant Award / Presentation of Research Result
5 Grant winners, 30 minutes presentation, 10 minutes question time)
Moderator: Dr Goh
13:001. Prof. Michael DoubrovskyOdessa National Maritime University, Ukraine
13:402. Dr Andrew M McNamaraCity University, London, UK
14:203. Dr Kohei NagaiThe University of Tokyo, Japan
15:00Coffee break (15min) 
15:154. Prof. A. F. van TolDelft University of Technology, The Netherlands
15:555. Assoc. Prof. Albert T. YeungUniversity of Hong Kong, People's Republic of China
16:35Break (5min) 
Special Presentation / Part 2Moderator: Dr Okumura
17:00"Present and Future of Steel Sheet Pile Method in China"Mr Takeshi Katayama / Nippon Steel Corporation
17:30"Proposal and assessment of estimation method of PPT data"Mr Yukihiro Ishihara / Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
18:00"The influence of cyclic loads and earthquakes on pile groups"Mr Zheming Li / University of Cambridge
19:00Official banquet 

2nd Day: Friday, 15 October 2010

3rd IPA Research Grant Award / Award CeremonyModerator: Dr Okumura
8:15Explanation of 3rd Research Grant Award schemeDr Kozo Tagaya (Vice Chairman)
8:253rd IPA Research Grant Award ceremonyMr Akio Kitamura (Honorary President)
3rd IPA Research Grant Award / Presentation of Awarded Proposals
(9 Grant winners, 15 minutes presentation, 5 minutes question time)
Moderator: Dr Goh
8:351. Dr Jonathan A. BlackUniversity of Sheffield, UK
8:552. Dr Kenneth GavinUniversity College Dublin, Ireland
9:153. Prof. Tatsunori MatsumotoKanazawa University, Japan
9:35Coffee break (15min) 
9:404. Dr Andrew M McNamaraCity University, London, UK
10:005. Prof. Kojiro OkabayashiKochi National College of Technology, Japan
10:206. Dr Yong TanTongji University, People's Republic of China
10:40Break (5min) 
10:457. Assoc. Prof. Taro UchimuraThe University of Tokyo, Japan
11:058. Prof. A.F. van TolDelft University of Technology, The Netherlands
11:259. Mr Koji WatanabeObayashi Corporation, Japan
11:45Break (5min) 
Special Presentation / Part 3Moderator: Dr Okumura
11:50"Engineering Characteristics and Progress for Building Foundation in Shanghai"Dr Wei-Dong Wang / East China Architectural Design & Research Institute
Field TripModerator: IPA Secretariat
13:15Demonstration of press-in machine in the Lingang newtown of Pudong district