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3rd IPA International Workshop

  • Current Status: Successfully ended
  • Updated: 18 Oct 2010

Event Report Part 1

  • Updated: 7 Jan 2011
3rd IPA International Workshop
14 - 15 Oct 2010
Shanghai, People's Republic of China
Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai
IPA Committees and Secretariat
Tongji University
Underground Space Committee of China
Civil Engineering Society
Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.
Nippon Steel Corporation
Shanghai NO.2 Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd
approximately 200 academics and engineers
from 7 countries and a region.
  • Special Presentation of the Press-in Engineering
  • Research Presentation by the 2nd Grant Award Winners
  • Award Ceremony and Proposal Presentation for 3rd Grant Award Winners
  • Demonstration of the Silent Piler
  • Reception and Banquet
3rd IPA International Workshop
Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

On 14 and 15 October, 3rd IPA International Workshop took place in Shanghai, China with approximately 200 academics and engineers from 7 countries and a region.

Following two workshops in the UK and the USA, this time was first holding in Asia and successfully the biggest scale ever. As the US Army Corps of Engineers helped us at the workshop in New Orleans, we received a lot of support from Shanghai local parties including the world prestige Tonji University, Underground Space Committee of China Civil Engineering Society and Shanghai NO.2 Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd.

In addition to the regular ceremony and presentation of the Research Grant Award unique presentations were made from various viewpoints such as research activities of the press-in engineering and social contribution by practice of the press-in technologies. At the end of the workshop there was an attravtive demonstration managed by technical staff of Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Participants had a short trip to the field and enjoyed the press-in rechnologies through the actual press-in piling, experience of machine operation, real-time measurements of noise and vidration and so on. lt was a typical programme for the IPA to combine the academic research and practical observations.

Shanghai has been under vigorous deveropment and now one of the most influential city in areas of industry, finace and economy of Asia. Actually, the Shanghai Expo being a contributing positive factor, areas surrounding the workshop venue were full of people all the time. So, it is highly expected that the press-in engineering will get more recognition and advance its researches though the workshop in Shanghai where economic growth and urban redevelopment are very active.


Opening 1
Opening Remarks by
Prof. Hajime Okamura
(Honorary Member)
Welcome Address by
Prof. Fang-Le Peng
Welcome Address by
Prof. Charles Wang Wai Ng
(Hong Kong University of
Science and Technology)
Speech by
President Akio Kitamura
(Honorary President)
Opening 2
Moderator of Opening
Dr Tadahiko Okumura
(Secretary General)

Special Presentation Part 1

Special Presentation Part 1
Prof. Malcolm Bolton
Opportunities for research and application
Prof. Fang-Le Peng
Current Status and Future Prospects
for Press-in Technology in China
Dr Yoshiaki Kikuchi
(Port and Airport Research Institute)
Mechanism of Inner Friction
of an Open Ended Pile
Research Presentation by the 2nd Grant Award Winners

Special Presentation Part 2

Special Presentation Part 2
Mr Takeshi Katayama
(Nippon Steel Corporation)
Present and Future of Steel
Sheet Pile Method in China
Mr Yukihiro Ishihara
(Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd.)
Proposal and assessment of
estimation method of PPT data
Mr Zheming Li
(University of Cambridge)
The influence of cyclic loads
and earthquakes on pile groups

Special Presentation Part 3

Special Presentation Part 3
Dr Wei-Dong Wang
(East China Architectural
Design & Research Institute)
Engineering Characteristics and Progress
for Building Foundation in Shanghai
Award Ceremony and Presentation of 3nd Research Grant Award

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