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3rd IPA International Workshop

  • Current Status: Successfully ended
  • Updated: 18 Oct 2010

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  • Updated: 7 Jan 2011

Reception, 13 Oct 2010 in Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

Reception 1

Welcome reception was held on the night before the workshop. This time the number of attendees was two times and their areas of expertise were also more variety than that of 2nd IPA Workshop, thus it was very active for new members to introduce themselves and for regular members to exchange the latest information and enjoy renewing the friendships.

Reception 2 Reception 3 Reception 4 Reception 5 Reception 6

Banquet, 14 Oct 2010 in Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai

Banquet 1

Actually the most expecting event for attendees was the official banquet at the end of the 1st day. They were invited by the IPA to the Dragon room on 32nd floor at Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai and were served delicious regional Chinese cuisine. Tables were full of dishes with rich seafood. Especially the sauteed shelled river shrimps and the steamed guihua fish did an excellent work to remind attendees of the joy of living. The room was filled with conversation and laughter but some academics and engineers seemed not to satisfy their intellectual appetite by dishes. So they still continued discuss about the press-in engineering.

Banquet 2 Banquet 3 Banquet 4 Banquet 5 Banquet 6 Banquet 7

Shanghai is full of attractive for coexists with modern and history.

Shanghai 1 Shanghai 2

As the Shanghai Expo had been held during the workshop, streets around the venue was beautifully decollated in good order. Once off the main street, however, there was the area of typical Chinese downtown with vibrant voices and an appetizing aroma. We could enjoy delicious dim sum at a very reasonable price. Shanghai was an exotic city with the attraction that was a mixture of modern skyscrapers and historical lives of commoners. It made us want to come back to Shanghai one day.

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