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4th IPA International Workshop

  • Current Status: Successfully ended
  • Updated: 10 Dec 2012

Event Report Part 3

  • Updated: 18 Jan 2013

Reception (December 5, 2012)
At Grange Ballroom, Main Tower Level 5, Mandarin Orchard Singapore


On December 5, participants from different countries gathered in a welcome reception. The hall was filled with a congenial atmosphere, with newcomers introducing themselves to each other and with familiar faces informing each other of their recent conditions or sharing information.

Reception-2 Reception-3 Reception-4 Reception-5 Reception-6 Reception-7

Official banquet (December 6, 2012)
At Imperial Ballroom, Orchard Wing Level 35, Mandarin Orchard Singapore

The final event of the first day was the IPA official banquet, which is one of the pleasures for the participants. Genuine Guangdong dishes were served at Imperial Ballroom which is on the highest story of Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

Following the opening remarks by IPA Director, Prof. Osamu Kusakabe, and the toast by IPA Chairman, Prof. Malcolm Bolton, the participants enjoyed excellent dishes with sea basses, shrimps, sea cucumbers etc. that prove Singapore as the center of the food culture of Asia.


In addition, wonderful performance of a harmonica was made by President Hiroshi Kajikawa of Kajikawa Construction Co., Ltd, a corporate member of IPA. The atmosphere was congenial and the ballroom was filled with smiling faces.

Closing remarks were given by IPA Director, Prof. Yoshiaki Kikuchi, one of the winners of the fourth IPA research grant award, with a Japanese-style clapping called ‘Ippon-jime’. Then the lively ceremony was closed.

It was impressive that a variety of researchers and engineers from different countries with different ages and genders gathered around the tables to communicate with each other and discuss enthusiastically the matters on the press-in technology.

Banquet-2 Banquet-3 Banquet-4 Banquet-5 Banquet-6 Banquet-7 Banquet-8 Banquet-9 Banquet-10 Banquet-11 Banquet-12 Banquet-13 Banquet-14 Banquet-15 Banquet-16 Banquet-17 Banquet-18

Attractive townscape in Singapore

Singapore-1 Singapore-2 Singapore-3 Singapore-4 Singapore-5 Singapore-6

The international city with a variety of races and cultures which has developed as a global hub and has attracted people all over the world. Sophisticated landscape with the world class city beauty as a tourist city. Unique areas appealing differently with their own unique atmosphere and food. Singapore was the place beautifully brightening with lively people in the daytime and with Christmas illuminations in the night time. It is the place to visit again.

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