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  • 12 Apr 2012

The International Press-in Association takes the mission to contribute to the advancement of society with the advancement of press-in engineering and innovation of press-in method. To accomplish the mission, it is the duty that the IPA not only establishes technology innovation but also proposes an objective assessment model that enables evaluation of the effects of social theory and technology in the construction industry based on the principle of press-in technology.

Therefore, the IPA has been working on developing the assessment model that everyone can agree upon based on the appropriateness and suitability of the method of innovation and rationality from the perspective of the general public, true owner of the construction. To be state of construction is represented with five principles consisting of Environmental Protection, Safety, Speed, Economy and Aesthetics, and “the Five Principles of Construction" was proposed, which enables objective, qualitative assessment method by evaluating compliance level and balance among each principle.

The IPA proposes this assessment model as comprehensive assessment method for construction solution selection for general public around the world to live in rich, sustainable society by selecting the most appropriate construction methods.

the Five Principles of Construction

In this assessment model, high-dimensional, well-balanced five principles are highly desired. For instance, environment must not be destroyed just because of low cost of construction or construction period must not be prolonged just because of safety.

The construction solution represented with one large pentagon consisting of the five principles will be the one that general public agree upon from now on.

The Five Principles of ConstructionPlay VideoThe Five Principles of Construction

Assessment Model

First, a pentagon-shaped radar chart is generated using assessment points calculated from each assessment criterion defined by the Five Construction Principles. Second, by looking at the balance and the overall level of compliance (assessment score), objective assessment of construction solution can be accomplished.

Radar chart of the Five Construction Principles

【Examples of Assessment Criteria and Indicators】

Examples of Assessment Criteria and Indicators

Questions or Comments

In order to further improve the completeness of “Scientific Assessment Model for Construction Solution Selection” as more objective, useful assessment model, any comment or discussion will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us or send any comment below.

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Symbol of the Five Principles of Construction
Symbol of the Five Principles of Construction