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Searching for the Truth Underground through Academic Theory and Practical Observations

What is IPA

Basic Information

  • 27 Mar 2014

The IPA is the only academic organization to explicate the unseen phenomena and mechanism underground by the Press-in Engineering in close coordination with various technical fields such as environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, instrumentation and construction engineering.

Name of Association:
International Press-in Association (IPA, for short)
Date of Establishment:
February 16, 2007 (Inaugural Workshop at University of Cambridge)
Board Members:
21 (April 27, 2013)
481 (Mar 27, 2014)
Office in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan


  • 21 Apr 2010

Searching for the Truth Underground

Foundations on the earth support our daily lives in civilised society. Despite an important role, foundations are still mainly designed by assumptions relying on coefficients and outdated formulae because underground is invisible.

In contrast, the Press-in Method utilising a static load can shine the light of scientific knowledge on underground phenomena, since the behaviour of pressed-in piles is similar in mechanism to the pile-soil interaction supporting superstructures.

Thus under the name of Press-in Engineering, the IPA will encourage experts in relevant disciplines to search for the truth underground through the scientific investigation to integrate academic theory and practical observations.

The Members of IPA Establishment at Cambridge University in 2007

The Members of IPA Establishment at Cambridge University in 2007

Image of Press-in Engineering

Image of Press-in Engineering
Various coloured lights shine together to reveal the whole truth underground as if the white colour is created by overlapping of the three primary colours.


  • 21 Apr 2010

Visualising the Invisible Subterranean

The press-in machine hydraulically controls pile movements and automatically measures valuable information during penetration. Analysing the measurements, the IPA will visualise the invisible subterranean, assure the quality of piles and establish a new construction paradigm composed of scientifically-demonstrated technologies to benefit the global environment and civilisation.

Main themes of the IPA are as follows;

  • Clarification for unsolved issues on press-in technology
  • Search for synergy between theory and site practice
  • Setting up facilities for full scale experimentation
  • Establishment of performance-related design method
  • Establishment of technology to visualise subterranean
  • Linkage between press-in machine and technology
  • Scientific clarification of advantages of press-in piling


The First Research Book of Press-in Engineering

The First Research Book of Press-in Engineering

Simulation of Underground Visualisation(Prof. Koichi Maekawa, Tokyo University)

Simulation of Underground Visualisation
(Prof. Koichi Maekawa, Tokyo University)


  • 21 Apr 2010

Networking for Press-in Engineering

The IPA will establish worldwide network of experts from various technical fields to enhance the Press-in Engineering.

Organizing the original workshops, seminars and grant award for unique and progressive researches, we provide all members with new understanding of theories and technologies.

General AssemblyMeeting of Individual Members for operation
International WorkshopInternational conference of Press-in Engineering
Research Grant AwardEncouragement of research by financial support
Research PapersPublication of the “Press-in Engineering”
Press-in Engineering SeminarLectures and study session of Press-in Engineering
Presentation at International Workshop

Presentation at International Workshop

Awarded Research Presentation

Awarded Research Presentation


  • 7 Apr 2011

Originated in Industry-University Collaboration

2010Oct.3rd IPA International Workshop was held in Shanghai, People's Republic of China
2010Sep.3rd IPA Research Grant Award winners were announced
2009Dec.The 1st IPA research papers “Press-in Engineering Vol.1” was published
2008Dec.2nd IPA International Workshop was held in New Orleans, USA
2008Oct.2nd IPA Research Grant Award winners were announced
2007Feb.The IPA General Assembly and Inaugural Workshop at Cambridge University
2007Jan.The 1st IPA Research Grant Award winners were announced
2006Nov.The IPA Preparatory Committee invited cooperative research proposals
2005Sep.The IPA Preparatory Assembly at Kochi University of Technology in Japan
2002Oct.Mr D. White, current IPA Director, earned a PhD degree related in press-in
1994Oct.Research collaboration started between Giken and Cambridge University
1990Oct.A press-in construction work for Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
1975Jul.The Silent Piler was developed by Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd in Japan