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The IPA promotes research activities to scientifically investigate the underground phenomena related to press-in piling. They will include various aspects from environmental, geotechnical, mechanical, instrumentation and construction engineering. This Researches section provide information and topics related to research activities of the IPA.

The map of research and development gives us an idea of possible research themes of the press-in engineering. The original map was produced by Emeritus Prof. Tagaya when the IPA invited research proposals on 6 Nov 2006 for the 1st IPA Research Grant Award. The map consists of Basic Research on Pressed-in Pile, Application and Extension of Press-in Method and Others.

Map of Research and Development

The IPA Research Grant Award was founded to support unique and pioneering researches in press-in engineering. Winners of the 1st IPA Research Grant Award were invited to the award presentation ceremony on 16 Feb 2007 in Cambridge University. The ten award winning researches started from 1 Apr 2007 and the outcome will be presented in public at the next IPA Workshop in New Orleans in December 2008.

Since 1994, research collaboration between Giken Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and Cambridge University Geotechnical Engineering Group has been undertaken to produce the world's first geotechnical research specifically focussed on press-in piling. As their activities have become the basis for establishment of the IPA, we introduce them and their major papers to IPA members.

Research Collaboration of Giken / Cambridge UniversityResearch Collaboration of Giken / Cambridge University

Research Presentation

Besides the IPA conferences, there will be various occasions to make presentation in public. We will introduce presentation activities by IPA members for the press-in engineering. Related information such as events and publications is also available from other sections of this web site.

Taking an opportunity of the IPA General Assembly and Inaugural Workshop, major researches of the press-in engineering were presented to by three speakers. They showed clear vision of achieved researches and future possibilities.

Research PresentationResearch Presentation